Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hoping for a new job

I have an interview on July 8 to try and go back to a healthcare job, although the commute would be an hour. The pay and benefits would be enough to justify it, and the completed freeways make it much easier than it was when I commuted that long before.
The job is the same one I used to hold at Samaritan PFS, only now it is Banner PFS. I do hope they want somebody with good experience, even though it has been a while.
My retail job is fun, but I don't make any money and it has turned out to be much harder on me physically that I thought it would be. And I don't get to use my brain much at all. The PFS job would allow me to use my brain all the time and sit in front of a computer while I was doing it. I sure hope I can be hired for it


Our old lady neighbor just called and said she has a flat tire, so DH has headed over there to change it for her and see about fixing the flat. He pretends to be a bad guy but is always willing to help her and she thinks he (actually we) are the nicest neighbors ever. It is a nice change, since our neighbors on the other side despise us for some reason, and we don't care enough about it to try and change their minds.
We have always had problems with our neighbors, so it is probably more our fault than theirs. We just want to be left alone, without their dogs killing our chickens, or attacking us in our own yard, or barking all day and night. Our dogs are not allowed to do any of those things; why should others?
Anyway, see what I mean?
Jan thinks we are wonderful, and it feels good to have her think it. And DH does like to help, although he is very selective as to who he helps. She is so sweet that anybody would like to help her; she just gets to pick who she wants. I doubt if I can be that kind of old lady, but it is nice to contemplate.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spend less than you earn

I bought an Aqueon Water Changer at PetSmart on Friday to make cleaning my pond much easier, as I have been watching it in use for months now, and can see how well it works. Pricey, but worth it.
However, Saturday my Viking Sapphire went on the blink and I have to take it to be serviced this week, SOOOO, the Aqueon has to go back for my money back. Good thing I didn't get around to using it right away. It hasn't even been opened. People do bring things back that have been opened and even used and expect their money back, but I am not one of those people. It is against my outdated and unwelcome moral/ethical code and that's that.
Damn, I sure liked the days when I had enough money to do both at the same time. Course, I guess I didn't really. I just used to use the credit card for one of them. No longer an option. Those days are gone forever.
We finally paid off my foolish credit card balances and I have learned my lesson. Sure, I remember an item here and there that I bought on credit, but guess what. We are mostly not living any worse without my credit card purchases than we were with them, and now we don't owe anybody anything.
DH has been harping on this for years; that is why they were MY credit card purchases and I can only feel lucky that he did participate in helping me pay them off after he lost his job and I had to start paying for living expenses as well as whatever I please.

June entry Totally Useless SAL

A completed eyeglass case. Yay for me. I have another in progress and several other kits never started. Where did I get them and when? I have NO idea. I have also been quilting and knitting but this is the only completed needlepoint for this month.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I tried to publish all the comments but managed to lose several of them. =
Who has thyroid? I think I am going to seek out a new doctor, maybe =
somebody closer to where I work so I can make it to appointments before =
or after work easier.

Life is just a little weird right now. I was passed over for a lateral =
move at work because I am unwilling to work an entire shift without any =
breaks and then lie about it on my time sheet and that has been =
bothering me. I don't even want the job under those conditions, but it =
is scary that they didn't even bother to make up a legal reason why I =
didn't get the job. It keeps me awake at night, and probably will until =
I at least get up the nerve to talk to the manager about it.



ANd not only that, but I seem to have lost most of the comments I WAS trying to respond to. WHat happened to the anonymous post saying that 3 of my nieces have thyroid? WHere are you? I didn't know this.

Responding to comments

I just wanted to apologize to everyone who has left comments on this blog and then wondered why this rude person never replied. I used to get comments in my email inbox but somehow that doesn't seem to be happening anymore, and I can't figure out how to get it back. I promise to try and check for comments more regularly, although I often don't even turn the computer on anymore except on my days off.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I just finished watching a DVD called "Elegy" that I got from the Goodyear Library.  Its about an older professor that falls in love with a student.  One of the oldest stories in the book, right?  But this one was much better than most I've seen.  It also got me to thinking, about things in general.  My marriage, I mean.
Why does my DH refuse to see movies about this subject?  I suspect because they hit entirely too close to home at this point in his life.  He has always spent time with other women besides me, but the last two women ( the previous one  Pat, and the present one Diana) have been a LOT younger than him.  I mean, I'm 7 years younger than him, and Pat is at least that much younger than me, and Diana is young enough to be MY daughter, much less his daughter.  Are these fatherly relationships, as he says they are?  I guess I'll never know for sure.  And if they are not, the truth would make me even more unhappy with the situation than I am now. So I guess I hope I never find out.