Saturday, May 17, 2008

Clothes that fit

I have been listening to podcasts (0n the computer) of a "Missus Smarty Pants" who advises mature women about clothes, style, just generally looking your best at any weight, and she keeps stressing that a well-fitting bra makes a huge difference in how you look and feel, and most women are now wearing a bra too small for them.
That did definitely apply to me.  I keep thinking that I will lose lots of weight and these big boobs will go away.  But guess what, it ain't happening.  Yes I am exercising, and yes, my weight is rearranging itself, but no, I have only lost 10 pounds and can't seem to budge another ounce.
I had some time in town last night so I went to Kohl's and tried on bras.  I actually chose Kohl's because the salespeople there will help you if you want, but they aren't insistent about it, like Penney's or the Bali outlet store.
I must have tried on 50 different bras.  The salesgirl did help me find sizes, and she was able to suggest different styles (cause the style makes a big difference too), and the one that fit perfectly is an underwire 38DD.  That's right, Double D!!.  I was surprised.
But guess what, these boobs are up in front of me again instead of  trying to head for my waistband and I actually look less fat and I FEEL like I look a lot better. 
So I bought 4 identical bras except for color and took my 10 38C bras out of the drawer and into the Goodwill bag first thing this morning.
I think my clothes will fit better too.
"Wake Up & Smell The Rebate - Don't Buy It -".

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Outside my back gate

This little cactus still has 4 more blooms to open in the next few days. Each bloom lasts only one night/morning and this is probably the most I have even seen open at once.
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