Thursday, April 27, 2006

RoseByAny @-;----

RoseByAny @-;----
I found this through the Knitters Review and I'm so glad. I used to eagerly read posts by her in the Forums, but I really no longer have time for the Forums. I mean, that was before my chicken obsession, after all. So, adding this to my favorite blogs, and I'll check in with her regularly. Yay.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Highland Triangle in progress

I am still working on the edging, and probably will be for a while, but couldn't resist finally posting a photo. I know I have been promising one for weeks. This quilt is made from every color of red worsted wool from my stash, plus a couple of new ones as I say how much I was actually going to need. One is Araucana Nature Wool, a couple are Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, and the edging is Paton's Classic Merino. Oh, and the part with white flecks are my crockpot Kool-Aid dyed Fisherman's Wool in Tropical Punch.
Anyway, I was planning to start one in laceweight next, but last night at the Quilt-In, I discovered a wonderful hand-dyed New Zealand wool hand painted by Jan Gilray. I'm afraid I just have to start the next one with this Kaleidoscope color for spring, as it is yellow, purple, blue, pink and is so gorgeous I just want to lie down and roll on it. I haven't decided yet which shawl, maybe the Stora Dimun or Lacy Prairie SHawl. Any suggestions? I am partial to the triangles but open to persuasion. I think I am seriously hooked on this lace knitting. I have even started a couple of different lace patterned socks.
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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Nerd in the Country

Nerd in the Country
I love this blog. A fellow on at least one of my chicken lists writes it, and I have always been interested in his posts. Other than the God stuff, I like his writing and plan to read it regularly. And he doesn't beat you over the head with his God, so that's OK. I think he must be a very nice person to know.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


I woke up at 3:30 this morning with the worst migraine I think I have ever been afflicted with. I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep, but Nooooooo! I finally got up and took a migraine pill, waking up DH(I thought) in the process. Back to bed; wasn't working; felt nauseous. Got up, and while waiting to hurl, I rested my temple on the cold tile counter in the bathroom. That actually felt good(relatively speaking), so I tried the other one. It made me forget all about hurling. I stayed in there, cooling alternate temples on the tile until the entire counter top was warmed up. Then I went back to bed and was able to go back to sleep. At 7:30 I woke again and still had the migraine but it wasn't near as bad. I took another pill and it finally receded enough to let me function.
I had really considered having DH drive me to the ER for an injection, for the very first time in my history of migraines. I think next time I will try a bag of frozen vegetables on my temples when I first get the headache and see what that does. I know that the cold shrinks the veins that are all swollen and the swollen veins are supposed to be what causes the pain. But the pain is always so bad that you swear you must have a brain tumor. I really can see why people kill themselves in the grip of an attack; you would do anything to stop the pain.
Enough of that. I just hope it is a long time until the next one. If I could figure out what causes them for me, I would change that whatever immediately. No lie!
And by the way, DH says he knew nothing of what was going on, even with the lights going off and on, etc.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Left-handed Leo

My coworker really drives me nuts with her constant complaints about everything under the sun, and especially her excessive dithering about initiating any action. It is really scary because she is a left-handed Leo just like me, only 20 years older. Am I going to be like that?
My relationship with her just might be very good for me, psychologically, because I can see the results of various ways to think and behave. Hopefully I can learn to avoid going the direction of the traits I dislike.
For instance, yesterday she started feeling sorry for herself because she never got to go anywhere as a child and teenager, and also because she had to get rid of all kinds of family possessions over the years because she can't afford the big house or big storage for them.
Give me a break! Wouldn't you think there would be a statute of limitations for blaming your parents for the way they brought you up! I mean, when you are in your 70's, you've had more than half a century to move past your upbringing. I don't think you can blame anybody but yourself for the way you turned out in the end.
I realize the way I feel about it is not a popular feeling. Even my own father, in his 70's also, has always gotten drunk and blamed absolutely everything on the fact that "my own mother couldn't remember my name" when she was yelling and upset about something. Well, get a clue Dad, NOBODY's mother can remember their name when she's upset, including mine. SHe used to go thru all her sister's names before she got to mine. Big deal.
I am unsure WHY I am more emotionally healthy than my father, except that I have always tried to reflect on my own motivations and be emotionally honest with myself and most every one else. Not that it always works, but at least I am trying.

Neck Pain

I woke up yesterday with a sore neck and it got worse last night. I should have called for an appointment to see the chiropractor yesterday but convinced myself it would get better. Duh. It never gets better until I get an adjustment. Now the whole left side of my back hurts and my left arm and in general, I'm just a wreck. As soon as the office opens, I will call and see if they can work me in today. If not, I will be like this over the weekend. Grrr, and nobody to blame but myself.
I don't know what happened. I think I just did it turning over in bed, but how can that be? I just got 2 ribs put back last Tuesday and I usually stay fairly pain-free for a couple of weeks(which is why I make appointments 2 weeks apart.)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Publishing this blog

I have added the address of this blog to my email signature since I last posted. I will look at the comments later.
I have 2 minds about having done this. Bloggers have always seemed hopelessly self-indulgent and self-centered to me. That hasn't changed, but I have kept a diary off and on since I was a child and always puzzle things out better if I write them down.
Then too, there is the fact that nobody HAS to read your blog, whereas anybody that has to listen to a rant in person can only sit there with their eyes glazed over, or else interrupt to the point that you can't remember what you were going to say in the first place.
For instance, my knitting friends don't want to listen to me brag about my chickens; my family doesn't want to listen to my politics (except my SIL). Boy, DON'T they want to listen to my politics! I had a great friendship going with one of my nieces until discussions about Mr Bush and Company got acrimonious. I really tried to keep it low-key but it is so frustrating when a person you otherwise regard as intelligent can be so wrong-headed. AND they won't change their mind even after you explain it to them! See what I mean.
Ok, then there is always Crohn's Disease, and fibromyalgia. People with those diseases are completely uninterested in anything I have to say except health tips, disease history, good doctors, diet and lifestyle changes, etc.
Oh well, go now and return later, maybe. I don't want to neglect my life while I sit here and write about it.