Friday, April 07, 2006

Left-handed Leo

My coworker really drives me nuts with her constant complaints about everything under the sun, and especially her excessive dithering about initiating any action. It is really scary because she is a left-handed Leo just like me, only 20 years older. Am I going to be like that?
My relationship with her just might be very good for me, psychologically, because I can see the results of various ways to think and behave. Hopefully I can learn to avoid going the direction of the traits I dislike.
For instance, yesterday she started feeling sorry for herself because she never got to go anywhere as a child and teenager, and also because she had to get rid of all kinds of family possessions over the years because she can't afford the big house or big storage for them.
Give me a break! Wouldn't you think there would be a statute of limitations for blaming your parents for the way they brought you up! I mean, when you are in your 70's, you've had more than half a century to move past your upbringing. I don't think you can blame anybody but yourself for the way you turned out in the end.
I realize the way I feel about it is not a popular feeling. Even my own father, in his 70's also, has always gotten drunk and blamed absolutely everything on the fact that "my own mother couldn't remember my name" when she was yelling and upset about something. Well, get a clue Dad, NOBODY's mother can remember their name when she's upset, including mine. SHe used to go thru all her sister's names before she got to mine. Big deal.
I am unsure WHY I am more emotionally healthy than my father, except that I have always tried to reflect on my own motivations and be emotionally honest with myself and most every one else. Not that it always works, but at least I am trying.

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