Sunday, April 09, 2006


I woke up at 3:30 this morning with the worst migraine I think I have ever been afflicted with. I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep, but Nooooooo! I finally got up and took a migraine pill, waking up DH(I thought) in the process. Back to bed; wasn't working; felt nauseous. Got up, and while waiting to hurl, I rested my temple on the cold tile counter in the bathroom. That actually felt good(relatively speaking), so I tried the other one. It made me forget all about hurling. I stayed in there, cooling alternate temples on the tile until the entire counter top was warmed up. Then I went back to bed and was able to go back to sleep. At 7:30 I woke again and still had the migraine but it wasn't near as bad. I took another pill and it finally receded enough to let me function.
I had really considered having DH drive me to the ER for an injection, for the very first time in my history of migraines. I think next time I will try a bag of frozen vegetables on my temples when I first get the headache and see what that does. I know that the cold shrinks the veins that are all swollen and the swollen veins are supposed to be what causes the pain. But the pain is always so bad that you swear you must have a brain tumor. I really can see why people kill themselves in the grip of an attack; you would do anything to stop the pain.
Enough of that. I just hope it is a long time until the next one. If I could figure out what causes them for me, I would change that whatever immediately. No lie!
And by the way, DH says he knew nothing of what was going on, even with the lights going off and on, etc.

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