Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Publishing this blog

I have added the address of this blog to my email signature since I last posted. I will look at the comments later.
I have 2 minds about having done this. Bloggers have always seemed hopelessly self-indulgent and self-centered to me. That hasn't changed, but I have kept a diary off and on since I was a child and always puzzle things out better if I write them down.
Then too, there is the fact that nobody HAS to read your blog, whereas anybody that has to listen to a rant in person can only sit there with their eyes glazed over, or else interrupt to the point that you can't remember what you were going to say in the first place.
For instance, my knitting friends don't want to listen to me brag about my chickens; my family doesn't want to listen to my politics (except my SIL). Boy, DON'T they want to listen to my politics! I had a great friendship going with one of my nieces until discussions about Mr Bush and Company got acrimonious. I really tried to keep it low-key but it is so frustrating when a person you otherwise regard as intelligent can be so wrong-headed. AND they won't change their mind even after you explain it to them! See what I mean.
Ok, then there is always Crohn's Disease, and fibromyalgia. People with those diseases are completely uninterested in anything I have to say except health tips, disease history, good doctors, diet and lifestyle changes, etc.
Oh well, go now and return later, maybe. I don't want to neglect my life while I sit here and write about it.

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