Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Needlepoint canvas in progress

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Totally Useless SAL

I just joined a stitchalong at a blog called Dragon My Needle. THe idea is to put all your thread scraps and worn-out needles, etc., in a jar and then take a picture every new moon to post on your blog. Sounds like a neat way to see if you are actually accomplishing anything, AND doesn't require starting any NEW projects. I can put in both needlepoint and knitting thread snips. Quilting scraps would be too big, Im pretty sure.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Guess I'm going to live

Day before yesterday, on my third day off in a row, Igot so nauseous and nervy and jangly I felt like I was having a low-level anxiety attack, or, if in 1972, was in the 2nd day of doing speed with no sleep. It was awful, and stayed that way.
So yesterday, instead of going to work, I was on my doctor's office doorstep at 8 AM wanting to find out what was wrong with me. The doctor I saw wasn't my regular, but he seemed competent. Except that he didn't have the faintest idea what was wrong with me. From looking at my file, he wanted it to have something to do with Crohn's Disease, but I don't think so.
You know, he didn't even listen to my heart. ANd wasn't interested in any kind of lab work, blood or urine. This bothers me. Are my standards artificially high? It seems like something was called for rather than a script for nausea and to be told to come back or go to the ER if I start to vomit.
Anyway, I have been taking the meds, and I have been drinking a lot (he also said I was dehydrated) and I feel much better, except for headaches which go with the cloudy weather.
So I'll be going back to work in the morning. I hope my bosses understand sickness, but I do have a doctor's excuse to give them for my file anyway.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nobody hears

So, what do you do when there is nobody left who wants to hear you? Nobody who will listen just because they love you, even if they have heard the stories before. Nobody who thinks you are interesting, and worth hearing. Nobody.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Robin my love

I took these raincoat pictures before RObin's intermediate obedience class. Its funny; she always hated modeling the dog sweaters I knitted for charity, but she had a fine time with this little raincoat. She pranced around to show various staff members and customers and just loved it. Too bad we simply don't have a use for raincoats here.
The last two pictures are just lounging around in my studio while I quilt. We haven't done this for a long time; just working all the time.

Ok, back to work.

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Quilting, finally

With my un-precedented 3 days off in a row, I am trying to get some actual quilting done, on the Medallion top I just finished in the quiltalong. Yesterday I got it pin-basted and the edges overlocked, so today I will start to quilt. DH and his friend are working on a handyman-construction job, so I(yay) get to do whatever I want with my time until he gets home at night.
My back is already hurting, though, so I plan to sew for a couple of hours and then do my Healthy Back Yoga DVD before I do any more. If all else fails, I can go to the chiropractor tomorrow afternoon.
I just want to quilt; I don't want to mark, and I don't want to have to do a lot of thinking about it, so I will just start and see what looks good as I go along. Later.

Friday, May 08, 2009

No more new quilt tops

Not that is, until I quilt at least one top already done, and maybe two. My pile of quilt tops waiting to be quilted is almost as high as the pile of completed quilts.

The cost of progress

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The cost of progress

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Medallion Quilt top finished!

But I will try and take more photos after the sun goes down to show its colors better. I hung it up on the south side of the screened porch because that was the best sized flat place I could find, but you can see the post behind showing through, and there is WAYYYY too much light. Kuku likes it though.
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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Medallion Quilt progress

I have finished the next-to-the-last border on this Medallion Quilt that I have been sewing along with some others in a Quilt-A-Long. I think I am behind, but there is only one border to go after this.
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Back pain continued

I did make a special trip to the chiro and I feel a lot better. My sacrum was off, which it used to a lot several years ago. I missed the signs this time because the rib out pain was so much closer to my head, I guess. Anyway, I really DO have to start doing my lower back yoga exercises to keep my sacrum straight and avoid having to get it put back every time I bend over or twist. I have a Healthy Back Yoga dvd that I have never watched. I will do that after lunch today, I promise.

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Back pain

My lower back hurts so much this morning that I am contemplating another visit to the chiropractor today. I just went, after work last evening, but I thought most of the pain was mid-back then, and that is all I had him fix. SInce that pain is now gone, my LOWER back had decided to scream at me whenever I move, and sometimes when I think I'm perfectly still.
I guess I have talked myself into it. I really hate driving all the way into town and wasting half my day off, but I guess it is necessary.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Seldom Seen

I log on to the computer so seldom anymore that my record here is getting even worse. By the time I read email, my computer time is up. Or I should say, my ability to ignore everything else is used up.
Wouldn't it seem to you that I should be able to do whatever on my days off, now that DH is retired? But NO, he cooks, but he doesn't do laundry unless I put it in the washer before I leave for work. But he won't fold the clothes when he brings them in off the line, so if I have him do laundry, I have to iron anything I want to actually wear. Not.
He doesn't seem to do housework either, unless very ostentatiously, in front of me, after I get home. And he's making nasty remarks about how he can't stand it any more the whole time he is sweeping. I could probably manage to ignore that in prior days, but now I am so tired when I get home that it just makes me cry. That seems to be his purpose, to make me feel as bad as possible.
ANd even when he DOES do something like dishes or sweeping, he NEVER finishes the job. He only does it half-assed, so the house looks no better after he does it.. Why bother?
And don't even get me started on bathrooms. He doesn't want me using HIS (the public) bathroom because I "mess" it up, but HE certainly never cleans it, nor does he ever clean the shower or sink in MY bathroom, which he uses every day. I am just unable to ignore his nasty toilet and sink because anybody that comes over will be using that one.
So anyway, I already should be cleaning instead of writing here.