Sunday, May 03, 2009

Seldom Seen

I log on to the computer so seldom anymore that my record here is getting even worse. By the time I read email, my computer time is up. Or I should say, my ability to ignore everything else is used up.
Wouldn't it seem to you that I should be able to do whatever on my days off, now that DH is retired? But NO, he cooks, but he doesn't do laundry unless I put it in the washer before I leave for work. But he won't fold the clothes when he brings them in off the line, so if I have him do laundry, I have to iron anything I want to actually wear. Not.
He doesn't seem to do housework either, unless very ostentatiously, in front of me, after I get home. And he's making nasty remarks about how he can't stand it any more the whole time he is sweeping. I could probably manage to ignore that in prior days, but now I am so tired when I get home that it just makes me cry. That seems to be his purpose, to make me feel as bad as possible.
ANd even when he DOES do something like dishes or sweeping, he NEVER finishes the job. He only does it half-assed, so the house looks no better after he does it.. Why bother?
And don't even get me started on bathrooms. He doesn't want me using HIS (the public) bathroom because I "mess" it up, but HE certainly never cleans it, nor does he ever clean the shower or sink in MY bathroom, which he uses every day. I am just unable to ignore his nasty toilet and sink because anybody that comes over will be using that one.
So anyway, I already should be cleaning instead of writing here.

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