Saturday, August 29, 2015

I retired a year ago, and moved to Paulden to be with my horses, dog, cat, and husband.  I have been riding limited distance endurance rides and have changed horses since I blogged much.  Little Deva was more than capable of doing distance, but she did not enjoy it.  I found her a good home with an everyday trail rider and they are both happy.
I bought a gaited tobiano mare that I am very happy with.  She is talented and athletic but not very friendly.  She hates to be fussed with but takes good care of herself and me.  Sophie Sapphire will be with me until I die or cant ride anymore, whichever comes first.
My marriage relationship is very strained right now.  Actually, it has become more and more strained, first since he retired 8 years ago, and REALLY strained since I retired a year ago. I tell myself that he will eventually stop thinking he needs to control absolutely everything but I dont have much hope.  Control is what he is all about.  Even riding together.  We have to go when, where, how fast, what direction HE decides, or I will pay.  And emotional abuse is his family specialty, honed to a fine edge over the years.  I am not allowed to ride alone.  The only way I can get any conditioning done at faster than a quarter horse jog is ride with someone else.

Long time

I haven't blogged in a very long time, but I need to talk to somebody and Facebook just doesnt meet the need.  Trying to keep things more upbeat there, but I dont always feel upbeat.