Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spend less than you earn

I bought an Aqueon Water Changer at PetSmart on Friday to make cleaning my pond much easier, as I have been watching it in use for months now, and can see how well it works. Pricey, but worth it.
However, Saturday my Viking Sapphire went on the blink and I have to take it to be serviced this week, SOOOO, the Aqueon has to go back for my money back. Good thing I didn't get around to using it right away. It hasn't even been opened. People do bring things back that have been opened and even used and expect their money back, but I am not one of those people. It is against my outdated and unwelcome moral/ethical code and that's that.
Damn, I sure liked the days when I had enough money to do both at the same time. Course, I guess I didn't really. I just used to use the credit card for one of them. No longer an option. Those days are gone forever.
We finally paid off my foolish credit card balances and I have learned my lesson. Sure, I remember an item here and there that I bought on credit, but guess what. We are mostly not living any worse without my credit card purchases than we were with them, and now we don't owe anybody anything.
DH has been harping on this for years; that is why they were MY credit card purchases and I can only feel lucky that he did participate in helping me pay them off after he lost his job and I had to start paying for living expenses as well as whatever I please.

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