Sunday, June 28, 2009


Our old lady neighbor just called and said she has a flat tire, so DH has headed over there to change it for her and see about fixing the flat. He pretends to be a bad guy but is always willing to help her and she thinks he (actually we) are the nicest neighbors ever. It is a nice change, since our neighbors on the other side despise us for some reason, and we don't care enough about it to try and change their minds.
We have always had problems with our neighbors, so it is probably more our fault than theirs. We just want to be left alone, without their dogs killing our chickens, or attacking us in our own yard, or barking all day and night. Our dogs are not allowed to do any of those things; why should others?
Anyway, see what I mean?
Jan thinks we are wonderful, and it feels good to have her think it. And DH does like to help, although he is very selective as to who he helps. She is so sweet that anybody would like to help her; she just gets to pick who she wants. I doubt if I can be that kind of old lady, but it is nice to contemplate.

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