Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yay, first step accomplished

It was nice and cool this morning, so I went out to look for something suitable to put a few garden plants in. I have many times suggested to DH that our old stock tank, with the rotted out bottom, that was here when we moved in, would be good for a garden, since the sides are high enough to keep out ground squirrels. Lo and behold, this time he actually agreed, and helped me move it over by the working area (water, chicken houses, level ground, etc), although he did insist on telling me what to do and how to move it, Fine, as long as we moved it.
Too big for the initial garden, though. It will take years to fill it up with organic matter to plant in, so some kind of barrier to block off an area was necessary. We ended up using short upright sections of telephone pole that were too short to use for anything else, and had to cut several of those in half to have enough. Chain saw, yes. I love power tools.
SO the first step is accomplished. Place, container in place, water nearby. Now to read up on what to do and when to do it so I will be ready when it gets cool enough.

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