Sunday, June 27, 2010

Snake season in full swing

Last night we killed a rattlesnake between the house and the garage, right on the path, at dusk. Pretty scary. I only saw him because that stick on the path hadnt been there when I went up the path a half hour before. I ran down and got the .410 and the flashlight and DH shot it.
It was just a little bigger than the one we killed on the path between the garage and the clothesline a couple of weeks ago, so probably a littermate.
Bad sign. We will probably be killing snakes from that litter all summer, a little bigger and more venomous all the time. Hate it when that happens.
At least the dogs seem to have gotten the idea to stay away from that interesting rattling noise. We HAVE explained that to them loudly and vehemently everytime the opportunity has presented itself. And they do hate yelling.

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