Friday, June 11, 2010

The Plan

The plan, since I have finally been hired for a regular 2 days per week work schedule, is to plant a garden in the fall as soon as the weather cools enough for plants to live instead of instantly burn up. In the meantime I will find a few places to work chicken manure into and get them ready for the fall planting. That step alone is tricky. Too far from the house and the critters will have free reign, but there are very few suitable places inside the yard. I would like to build a couple of raised beds but that brings up the main problem.
He resists anything that changes anything, and not just anything that requires HIM to do anything. He doesnt want me to do anything either. He wont allow any changes in the yard, like raised beds, even if I try and build them myself. And he sure wont build anything like that FOR me, especially if I want to say where and what kind and what something looks like.
So I may be limited to large pots, which means I better start purchasing them with every paycheck now, since the bigger they are, the more they cost, along with the potting soil to put into them. I don't think he will deliberately sabotage anything I do plant, unless not watering on the days I work would count as sabotage. And pots DO have to be watered everyday. THe old freezer would be an ideal pot, and would retain water well, but naturally he wouldnt allow me to use it, as it would be ugly, and he wont have anything ugly around.
I am just making myself mad writing this down, so I better go do something else for a while and try to figure out how to make this work before spelling it all out.
It wouldnt be so necessary to plant a garden if he could be trusted to buy organic produce, but he wont do that, and he wont let me do the shopping either. I'm sure glad we already started with the eggs and the chicken meat long ago, or else I would not be able to get that going either.
I am also looking into keeping bees myself. He used to work with bees as a teenager, very long ago, and would be the logical one to do this, but he wont. So maybe I will. A simple top bar hive rather than the common Langstroth hives you see everywhere would work for us. Enough bees used to come in from the desert to fertilize anything growing around the house, but Colony Collapse Disorder seems to have struck even out there. We have seen no bees this spring around the pond or chicken waterers and always before they have been plentiful.

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