Sunday, June 27, 2010

Time for not working at work

I spend a lot of time during lulls in the ER reading what other people have written in their blogs and elsewhere on the net, as surfing the net is the only acceptable activity here when you have nothing else to do. I guess because the patients cant tell that you are not working.
It can sometimes cause a problem, though, as I see people so absorbed in what they see on the computer that they forget to do what they are supposed to be doing for their jobs.
I hope I never do that; at Quick Reg it isnt really a problem because anybody coming through the door comes straight up to me and I start to register them. But in the zone you need to keep checking the First Net to make sure some patient's name hasnt popped up in your area of responsibility. I solve that by keeping both windows open, and my net window smaller than the other behind it, so I can see any changes to the back window.

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