Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Step by Step

I bought 4 more bags of potting mix at Lowe's last night on the way home and put them in the garden bed this morning. Not nearly enough, but when I watered it down I realized that potting soil is TOO easily drained because water started coming out the bottom without really wetting much of the surrounding soil. So, back to the store tomorrow for bags of garden soil to go on top. Trial and error. At this rate I will be lucky to plant before next week. I will want to plant on a Tuesday morning so I can be sure to do the watering myself for the first 5 days while the seeds germinate.
Since DH prides himself on NOT being a farmer, I dont really trust him to do it right, even if he were to agree to do it. And he would NEVER just do what I tell him.

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