Friday, September 11, 2009

Walgreens vs. Target

I just switched pharmacies, since I have been to the doctor and obtained new scripts for my medications. I also had to switch migraine meds, since the Maxalt I have been taking for years is sooo bloody expensive, and isn't even covered under my insurance (which I only have for 2 more weeks anyway).  The Maxalt doesn't have a generic yet, and it has been costing over $275 for 9 pills.  NINE PILLS!!! 
And I have had nothing but trouble with Walgreens since I lost my good insurance in April.  They delay and delay filling my scripts, even when I call and email and tell them to fill them right now.  Then 3 days later, they call again to make sure I really want the refill because they haven't bothered to fill it yet.
No more.
I went to the Target near my PetSmart and gave them my new scripts.  The tramadol I have been paying $43.99 for at Walgreens cost me $8, and Target apologized because it isn't covered under the $4 discount program.  The trazodone IS on the $4 program, and my new migraine meds, generic Imitrex, was $35.40.  Target said they ran it through a different discount card in order to give it to me at a reasonable price.  I was so shocked and happy.  I asked if I had to buy into the discount program or something, and they said oh no, and I will continue to get these meds at these prices.
They have definitely made a Target Pharmacy customer out of me.

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