Thursday, September 24, 2009

Breakfast with my friend

Yesterday morning I met my friend at JB's and we had breakfast together. We started talking as as soon as we met, and were still talking when we left well over an hour later. The poor waitress had to come back twice before we ever looked at our menus, and all I remember about my food is that it was good. It was great seeing my firend, and doubly good because she filled me in on a lot of corporate culture details about my new place of work that would have taken me weeks or months to find out for myself. I hope to see her a lot more, although it will be mostly just in passing, as she works full-time at night, and I will be mostly working evenings, after the first 2 weeks of training.

My last two days at PetSmart are Saturday and Sunday, only a few hours each day, so it won't hurt to go straight into a solid week of work at my new job.

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