Friday, September 18, 2009

Laptop died

OK, I am back on the net, thank goodness. My laptop died Wednesday and all I was able to keep was a CSV file of my address book on a stick. At least I have that. I haven't been able to backup or update anything that required a CD drive for months, so everything is a shambles. It will take a while to catch up, if ever.
I bought my first ever desktop computer, having only had laptops in the past. It has twice as much memory for half the cost of a comparable laptop, so this time it was a no-brainer. If I haven't been taking my laptop to school with me this semester, and I haven't, I don't need a laptop.
So I am setting everything up today. Gee, I wish I had kept a paper file somewhere of all my passwords, but I didn't. Grrrrrr!

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