Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting nervous

As the time to do paperwork and get shots, etc. for my new job approaches, I am getting more and more nervous.  Dh asks what I have to be nervous about, since I already got hired, but he just doesn't understand.  To a worrier like me, the very lack of having something to worry about is worth worrying about.  Either you the reader get it, or you don't.  Obviously he doesn't.
At the same time, I just can't wait to get back to doing a real job for real reasons, not just urging people to buy more and more of whatever they need and even whatever they don't need.  I mean, there is no way I'm going to try and talk an ER patient into getting 2 casts on his legs, when he only broke one of them and only needs 1 cast.  That is a labored analogy, but you get it.
I wish I could start tomorrow.

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