Monday, May 31, 2010

working Memorial Day

So far in the ER today its pretty easy. But its only 8 AM. Mondays are usually pretty busy for some unknown reason, and a holiday Monday should be wild. Hopefully it will stay pretty nice until night, as I get off at 4 PM today.

I am transitioning from nights to days with my new status as a regular employee, so will have a few more nights to work in the next couple of weeks along with my regular day shifts. Not complaining, just commenting. If it were really up to me I would work noon-midnight but this ER doesnt use that shift.

I saved my stepson's blog post for his father to read, since the last one was partially ABOUT his father. Typical man, all he said was "That kid just loves to talk." Hopefully my stepson will know that the comment is actually high praise from his father. Thirty years I have been trying to teach some communication skills to my husband without a lick of success.

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