Saturday, May 22, 2010

Working and playing

2 more days, actually nights to work and then I will be off until next weekend. It probably wont be as restful as usual though, as we are trying to help our young friends clean up and move into the house our hoarding neighbor has vacated. It is truly awful, and no matter how much stuff we haul out, what is still there seems to expand. And now the woman says she just doesnt know if she can live there after seeing how awful it was.
Poor Mike. He has been dancing attendance on her for over 12 years, always doing and living where SHE wanted, and now he REALLY wants to live on this property in the country. He is cleaning it up without much help, most of it from my dh and a little from me. I dont know what he will do if she absolutely refuses to move in after it is cleaned up.
It will be a lovely place when clean. We would have bought it ourselves if our place wasnt already perfect. Dh halfway wanted to buy it and give to his son but since his son doesnt even want to live in AZ, that would be a useless exercise in disappointment. And it will take special people to live out there, even more than living here. It really does take 4 wheel drive to get there, and you can get here, albeit carefully, in a car if you go slow enough.

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