Sunday, August 02, 2009

Where did my family go?

On another subject, I wonder why I never hear from my family members anymore. Not my mother or sister or SIL, or MIL, or DIL. Not that I ever heard much from MIL or DIL, but I used to get the occasional email from my sister, and my mom has always been a regular writer, either by mail, or more recently by email. Now I don't believe I have heard anything from her since before my dad's birthday in early May. And I have sent at least 4 snail mail cards in that time, plus at least that many emails. I know somebody would phone if something bad had happened, so I guess its just that nobody cares to communicate with me. It hurts.
I believe my sister has actually moved across 2 states since her last email, and I only know about that because she sent out a group email to our aunts and uncle and included me. I wrote to her several times when my niece's husband died, so its not like I am the one who disappeared.
The most faithful writer has been my brother's wife, but I am not even hearing from her anymore. Maybe people don't even think of writing to somebody who doesn't want to use Facebook and doesn't twitter. Heck, I think I am advanced enough by writing this blog. Oh well, my birthday is pretty quick and surely I will hear from at least my mother then.

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