Thursday, August 13, 2009

New hope

An email from my friend says that her boss IS cognizant of the delay in posting the pool position I want, and thanks me for being patient. She will do something to ramp it up if the position is not posted pretty soon. This reassures me somewhat; I was getting pretty discouraged.
I finally heard from the corporate center that they don't want me and wanted to let me know without delay. Duh, it has been at least a month since the website said I was no longer being considered. Better late than never I guess.
A visit to Target Optical yesterday for a new glasses prescription and ordered new glasses. I am getting a narrow rectangular frame the color of my new hair, sorta auburn with progressive lenses. Can't wait; I will look much more modern. I guess my present huge roundish lenses look very 70s.
ANd the bifocal line will be gone. I couldn't afford progressive lenses last time, and just hate them. No mid-range vision, which makes computer work, cash register work, most things difficult to see well. ANd lately I haven't been able to see far or close either one as my eyes have changed. It will take 10 days or so to get the new glasses and I can't wait.

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