Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Waiting, again

So I have filled out a few more online applications to my preferred work places and am back to waiting to see if they deem me worthy of an interview. I just wish there were some way to show prospective employers what I can really do and what I am really like. I have never had an employer yet that didn't want to clone me, but that just doesn't seem to get through a job application, and often not through an interview either. I think if it weren't so difficult for big employers to actually let people go once hired, they would be more willing to give (what they consider) imperfect applicants a chance. A reinstatement of the old 30-60-90 reviews with possible termination at each step would make them much more willing. I know that that applies theoretically in many places, but its only theory. They should put it into actual practice.
My not so humble opinion. I have no fear of being judged by my work. I welcome it. I just need the chance to actually do some.

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