Sunday, July 05, 2009

Maybe its an omen

Yesterday a friend I haven't seen since I left West Valley ER 9 years ago came into my place of work and we were able to visit for just a little bit. I did tell her about my impending interview, and since she is now working at Banner Estrella, she gave me her stats and said to please use her as a character and work reference. She also reports to a manager that used to be at Maryvale, and we both reported to her when we were at West Valley. The particular manager didn't like me much personally but surely couldn't fault my work, so I don't know whether to use her as a reference too, or not.
I will email Erin and have her scope out Joan before my interview and see whether to use her or not. It is true, writing stuff down does help you figure out what to do as you go along.
I do hope it works out, as I trained Erin originally to work in ER Registration and she has a high opinion of my intelligence and character. And she IS a Banner employee again, after 7 years at John C Lincoln.

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