Sunday, July 26, 2009

Going to school

So, since nobody seems willing to hire me with my old skills, I have decided to go to school and get a certificate for Health Unit Coordinator. This is actually a step down, or used to be, from PFS Rep, but I think it would be a better fit for me. Trying to even apply for such a position at a hospital seems to be impossible at this point, as the first question is whether you have an HUC certificate. OK, so fine, I'll get a certificate.
Gateway is the only only local school that offers one, and I can't get in to the program until Spring cause the Fall classes are already full, but I am going to take the Health Core Curriculum at Estrella Mtn this semester and then do the HUC classes at Gateway in the spring. Good plan, and the health core applies to other specialties if I should happen to change my mind.
I won't, though. I used to periodically try to get an HUC position even back when I was at RMC, many long years ago, but things just never came together right.
My friend Jaime is taking the health core curriculum online this semester, for a billing and coding certificate, but I think I will do the in-person classes. I might have better networking later on if I have a personal relationship with local staff, and I think I will enjoy it too.

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