Thursday, February 01, 2007

Cell phone update

Well, I have started to use it sporadically and did even succeed in calling myself from home. The big problem was that I don't get a good signal in my studio at home and I am so green I didn't know what the symbols meant. When I turned on the phone at work so I could get my co-worker to help me with it (and she is 76!), it went right to telling me how to set up my Voice Mail.
I have even managed to program a few numbers. But I tried driving, only in my driveway, and couldn't divide my attention enough to feel like I could drive safely. AND it was only my driveway. I suspect most everybody else is the same way, only they somehow have the ability to ignore that fact. Its kinda like driving at night. I am sure nobody else can see very well either, only they manage to ignore it and just trust to their God, I guess. I only have myself to trust, and she has proven untrustworthy at times, so I slow down some and really pay attention. I can't IMAGINE trying to talk on the phone, in the dark, and drive.

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