Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My OWN puppy

I got this photo of my new puppy from the Boldheart website. Kathy has been calling her Cherish, but I lean toward Zorra. My DH says neither fits (what does he know?) but that she will name herself within a day or so. He might be correct about that part, or at least which of the names will suit her more.
I am driving to Winkelman on Friday to pick her up. SHe was born 12/11/2006 so is past any spooky period and ready to come home. Kathy thinks she will mature as a small mini, rather than a toy, but DH was the one insisting on a toy anyway, and he is OK with her. THe litter I was waiting for didn't have a red female in it, so I was very glad that Kathy decided to sell this little girl rather than keep her as planned.
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