Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Second Day

Today I had an all-day class with John Flynn, Wheel of FOrtune. It includes curved piecing and tiny little templates but he is a low-key, relaxed teacher, and it went very well. I only finished one blockin the whole day, but I learned a lot and without stress and strain. The class was small, too, which always helps.
Then I visited Odegaard's and added some blues and golds to my set of fabrics to make Marlon's graduation quilt. I designed it on Monday, in EQ5, and its a Log Cabin variation. I also added a couple of oranges from the Bernina COnnection, as my Wheel of Fortune is in light blue, dark blue, and different shades of orange. Never can have too much fabric.
Tomorrow its back to the computer, for paper piecing in EQ5 in the morning and medallion quilts in EQ5 in the afternoon.
Thursday I have to pick up Kathleen and go home. Boo.

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