Sunday, July 16, 2006

Quilt Camp

Well, here I am, all checked in to my motel and waiting for the Meet the Teachers meeting tonight at Old Main. This motel, the Highland Country Inn, is twice as nice as the Parkside (50 yards away) where I stayed last year, and it cost less too. The room is much bigger, even with a bigger bed in it, the refrigerator is bigger, the bathroom is bigger, there is a table and 2 chairs, and the air conditioner works. I came up smelling like a rose. ANd this is good, because I had to pay waaaaay in advance to get this room rate and was afraid that I made a mistake. I didn't.
The wireless internet access didn't work at first either, no signal, but is fine now. SO I hope to be reporting regularly for the next 3 days anyway. Off to get ready for tonight.

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