Monday, July 24, 2006

Home from Quilt Camp

And that was last Thursday. Many things to do, but I wanted to share how good my Wednesday classes were.
Paper Piecing in EQ5 in the AM, was great. Everyone in the class had at least a nodding acquaintance with the program, even if it was from Monday, so we were able to keep up much better and didn't spend so much time in frustration because of getting behind and being unable to go where the rest of the class was. Ask me how I know how that feels.
I liked it, and almost wish I had taken the 2 EQ5 classes on Tuesday too. But no, I wouldn't have liked to miss the one day of sewing with John Flynn.
PM was EQ5 Medalling Quilts, and we designed a quilt with 15 borders. And I might actually make the quilt I designed too. I would replace making the Braid blocks in Easy Draw with the Triangles on a Roll Braid that I already have for starters, and I would use the New York Beauty paper piecing blocks I already have as a UFO for the 14th border instead of re-inventing the wheel in Easy Draw, but other than that, I would follow my design. I love the way you can change sizes of blocks or borders with just a few strokes and then preview how everything is going to look, over and over, before committing to anything.
For instance, when I got home, I discovered that, if I make Marlon's Log Cabin quilt the way I designed it in class, it will be much too small, and if I just make the blocks larger, the program wants me to cut the logs larger than I want to. After all, I have many many 1 1/2" strips already cut for making log cabins. So that was not an option. I had to go into the worktable, add more blocks until I liked the size, then color (easily) and rotate blocks until I reached the neat way I had arranged the blocks in the first place, only now there are more of them. Cool.
So then I previewed and printed with fabrics, to help with log placement and started cutting and sewing. I love it.
Actually, I like all the quilts I designed in the various classes and will probably eventually make them all. I also have a few I designed in the Judy Martine Stars and Sets before I bought EQ5, too. Maybe I should work up one of those as a mystery quilt. I have never showed them to anyone, so that could work.
Back to the sewing machine!!

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