Monday, December 19, 2016

Standard abuser behavior

I read an article today about how the Trump uses standard abuser behavior to get his way, and it made all kinds of bells and whistles go off on my head.
Refusal to compromise on anything; willingness to go to war over the smallest slight. Check.
Exaggerated horrible behavior so that a return to everyday meanness and malice seems benign by comparison. Check.
Micromanaging, ordering about, mansplaining, general distrust of anyone's ability to do ANYTHING right. Check.

It is truly amazing. My spouse says he is totally against the Cheeto and everything he stands for. But his behavior and attitudes make that a big lie.

Tonight he sat down at the table and ate the butternut squash soup and homemade dinner rolls at the same time and place that I did. Wonder of wonders. Although he did make it a big point to say that there wouldn't be conversation that would prevent me from continuing to do what I please. I nearly choked on a snort. Yeah right, like this is happening for me to do what I please. He can play his silly games if he wants to, but I just don't feel like participating. I didn't bother to answer. After all, what is the point?

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