Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Make up, sure.

He started speaking again yesterday, but it didn't take long to figure out that it was only so he could bitch at me and run me down. I got a few more hours respite by poibing out that it was so much better around here when he was refusing to speak.
But today he pretended to make up again but by this evening all he wanted to do was bitch about politics and how stupid I am to be upset over what has happened to this country with it being taken over by deplorables. Went on until all I could do was sit and cry; I am crying now just thinking about it.
Course, once I was reduced to a quivering, crying lump he was happy and then wondered why I was so stupidly upset over politics.
I swear, I fantasize about being free of this abuse. I an sure it will never happen though. His mother was totally negative and mean until the end of her life and he learned his relationship behavior from her. She DID however start having strokes toward the end, and once she couldn't talk anymore, he started to go visit her. Before that, he hadn't seen her in years because NO WAY would he put up with being treated the same way he treats others.

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