Tuesday, April 05, 2016


He's on the warpath again, although I am not sure why. Things went to hell yesterday afternoon, when I hadn't even been home from the ride for 24 hours. He wanted to look at craigslist on my computer which is fine, but wouldn't look by himself for 5 minutes. AJ, come look at this. Then waiting until I tried to go do something, anything. AJ come look at this. I would TRY to look at it as wanting to share things with me except that he makes it so clear that he is totally uninterested in what I think about what he wants me to look at.
By suppertime I was a bit short about his interference with the way I was cooking and how I set up the table for the hot dishes. Why oh why does he need to go rearrange everything I did? And then he gets mad when I put it back the way I wanted it.
And after supper he made it very clear that he wasn't going to watch a DVD with me by sitting down in another room to read a book. So I chose a movie that he wouldn't want to watch anyway and sat down myself to watch it. That REALLY pissed him off. I don't know; I guess I was supposed to sit in a corner and cry.
By this morning he has worked himself into a rage. Can always tell by the ranting and refusal to listen to anything I say, not even answers to questions he asks. He only pretends to ask as an excuse to continue ranting. It is all getting so old.

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