Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hatred and quilting

He was so nasty about me quilting back in Buckeye that o was only allowed to quilt when he wasn't home. That was doable as long as he was working and I wasn't. Became a huge problem, to him, when he retired and I had to go back to work. I had to give up quilting completely for years and years, as he required all my attention whenever I wasn't working.
Now we are both retired and there is NO REASON why I shouldn't quilt whenever I want. That is according to me. But he is bitching about it more and more, even though I have limited myself to no more than an hour per day, when he is reading/asleep with a book. Doesn't seem to matter to him. Now I am a bad person because I am taking time away from him and the horses to quilt/creating beautiful useful textile works of art.
Why can't he just let me be? I compromise and compromise. I sublimate. I attempt to be and do whatever he wants and keep quiet about what I actually think. Nothing is good enough for him. He wants to control every minute of every day and even control my very thoughts.

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