Tuesday, March 29, 2016


2days in a row now , he has gotten in the car and gone to town without a word to me. Hasn't brought home any groceries; hasn't asked if we needed anything. I managed to put together a nice stir fry tonight and will do a tuna casserole tomorrow if need be, without the benefit of fresh groceries. I can even do a split pea soup Thur night if I have to, but I am leaving for the M&M ride Friday morning regardless. I will have to get my own groceries on Thursday whether he is speaking to me or not.
I really wonder what he gets out of this behavior. I spent most of the morning sewing in the bedroom, but as soon as I joined him in the front room to read, he left the room and went into the other room to watch a DVD. Tonight he never spoke a word during supper., so as soon as I cleaned up, I went into the other room to watch a DVD myself. He didn't speak but did sit down and watch with me until the end. Refused to say good night afterwards though. What a pain in the ass.
His plan is probably to make me so miserable that I won't go on the M&M ride, but it is not going to work this time. He did this before the Man Vs Horse last fall and I was so upset I pulled not 5 miles in. Not going to happen this time.
He only wants me to stay home so he can make sure I am miserable. Why would anybody want to be that way?

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