Monday, March 28, 2016

Constant Hatred

Its wearing me down. He is so angry about my comment that I fail to see why he needs to abuse me that he hasnt spoken to me since last night.  This is pretty much a good thing, except that when he does start speaking, he will yell at me for hours no matter what I do or so, and end by attempting to kick me out yet again.  It gets really tiring, especially as the scenario never changes.  I have to be punished by trying to disagree with him on any subject whatsoever.
I think part of the problem is that he resents the fact that I have started to quilt again.  I had to stop 7 years ago because of that. He doesnt want me to do anything at any time except what he is doing.  Reading is wrong because he doesnt like to read much.  Quilting is especially wrong because I dont even do it in the same room with him.  The only acceptable indoor activity is to watch the Dvds he chooses while he sleeps in the same room.  I am not even allowed to be the one who sleeps.  ANy napping on my part leads to yelling and accusations of drunkenness and sneaking and staying up too late.  Etc. Life is not too much fun these days.

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