Sunday, March 21, 2010

Maybe, another interview

Someone from HR called me at home this afternoon, on Sunday no less, and asked me questions about my background and experience in preparation for, perhaps, an interview for a parttime bed placement position I have applied for. It may just be for a token interview, since she several times talked about how many "internal" applications there have been for the position. I don't know what mine was, if not "internal". At the end she did say she would forward my info to the hiring manager for the position first thing Monday morning. So maybe I will get an interview. That would be a perfect position. I would stay in touch with the ER and the ER people I worked with, without being exposed to every virus and sickness that crosses the threshold there. I love the ER, but I can barely afford to work there when I catch so many bugs and have to go to the doctor and/or call in sick.

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