Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bobcat encounter

I would like to give credit for this photo to whoever took it, but I can't find the original again. Sorry.
On my way home today, in broad daylight, a bobcat crossed the dirt road in front of me, less than 1/4 mile from home. I stopped, and he stopped, not 2 car lengths away from me, and we just looked at each other. Gosh, he was so beautiful, with deep rich color and his fur was thick and looked so soft. He was bigger than I thought bobcats are, about the size of Sam, when I thought they were about the size of Robin. Eventually, he turned and ambled away toward the river bottom.
If a bobcat were to kill all our chickens, I guess we would just have to make our chicken pens stronger, because I wouldn't want to kill a bobcat since I have looked into his eyes.
My bobcat was a deeper richer brown than this photo, and his head was bigger in proportion to his body. This photo is of a Florida bobcat, and mine is an Arizona bobcat.

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