Sunday, January 10, 2010

working hard

I so rarely have a chance to even think, much less write, while at work that I don't know what to do with myself. We are having a very slow day in the area I am working at, in the ER today, and I have nothing else to do. Everything is done, and I have no needlework or reading in my bag because I removed them to remove temptation. So I am stuck.

Last week my supervisor "counselled" me about doing anything at work besides work. Evidently someone had reported to her that they had seen me knitting while on duty and in front of a computer. It was puzzling to me, since I have never knitted at this job, but I took it, because I had done a little hand applique one very late, very slow night when there was nothing else to do. All I can figure is that either that nasty person doesn't know applique from knitting, or else she didnt tattle on me, but on somebody else who WAS knitting, and didnt give a name. Either way, I wish she/he had said something to me, as it had never occurred to me that it was verboten. I see others reading, or texting, or fooling around on the internet all the time. I guess its only something actually useful that is banned. Ok, that is a bit sarcastic. Probably the other things are not allowed either; just that nobody has felt they had to report those people. I must have make an enemy, although I have no idea who it might be. Oh well, enemies usually manage to make themselves known sooner or later.

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