Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving was nice

I tried to have only native American foods; even the roast chicken was a White Rock, an American breed. I used bagels, corn bread, and whole wheat bread in the stuffing, along with wild rice, onions, apples, and sage. It was really good. We had made 4 bean salad the day before, so had that, and I made whole bean cranberry sauce from my frozen cranberries. It seems to be hard to find fresh cranberries some years, so I buy double whenever I see them and freeze for future use. I will make cranberry coffee cake for tomorrow's company with the leftover sauce.
Of course I made hot rolls, always my favorite part of the meal. But I made them whole wheat for the first time and used honey for sweetener. Mmmm good, and I put half of them in the freezer before the second rising, so we can have those again too.
I'm getting hungry writing this; better go have some leftovers for lunch.

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