Friday, April 04, 2008

Poor Robin


Poor little Robin has become incontinent on her latest round of prednisone for her eye inflammation. I phoned the eye vet to see if there is anything else she can take instead, but the vet said to go ahead and take her off of the pred and bring her in on the 16th as planned. I read about a drug called Medrol in the Pet Allergies book but I didn't mention it to the vet, as I want to investigate it myself first.
It did take us a few days to determine what was causing the incontinence, as we sponged Robin off and then dried her butt several times a day. We never said she was bad or anything; it was obvious she was leaking, and she continued to go potty outside like normal, but she was still sad and embarrassed about her wet butt. I only made her wear the underpants for a short time because they only kept the wetness against her. The floor wetness is easily mopped; I bless these brick floors constantly. I can't imagine why anybody would ever have carpeting.
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