Sunday, April 13, 2008

Multi-tasking, NOT

I never was that coordinated, although I didn't really know it until I married Bill and he of course had to tell me over and over until it had obviously penetrated. Lots of things I never knew until he told me, but that is the subject for another entry.
Since I had started doing my Interval Training walks I have realized that I can barely walk and even THINK at the same time anymore. If I get to thinking too much, I fall down. I can partially blame this on the condition of my walking routes(very up and down), and partially on the fibromyalgia (causes increased incoordination), and partially on advancing age. But hell, it doesn't matter WHAT I can blame it on; it is very annoying to have to keep your mind on your feet in order to stay upright.
I have always complained about Bill refusing to keep walking while he talks, since that makes walks with him very, very slow (he talks a lot), and said jokingly that it was because he isn't very good at multi-tasking. But gosh, I didn't REALLY think that walking and talking at the same time IS multi-tasking. I guess I do now, especially since I realize that, for me at least, walking and thinking are multi-tasking.
This makes it even more important that I continue to exercise and lose weight, as I would be much less likely to get hurt if I fall down at a lighter weight.

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