Friday, October 19, 2007

Thank you

We both thank you so much for the birthday coffee and tea.  We are happily drinking away, morning and evening.  I apologize for the delay in sending this thank you; I was supposed to get wireless service this week and have been holding off on lots of things for that reason.  It wasn't meant to be yet, though.
Larry the wireless guy came a day late, yesterday, and could only get an intermittent signal from one tower, west of Buckeye, and even though the one at Broadway and Jackrabbit got a strong steady signal, it was even slower than dial-up.  And I am NOT going to pay $41 a month for slower-than-dial up service.  I only pay $10 a month now for Earthlink.
Avantek will followup and let me know when they get the other tower going fast and Larry can come back and hook it up then.  Bill still talks mean about it, but I think he is resigned to the fact that this is YET ANOTHER thing I am going to do whether he likes it or not.
Love, AJ
AJ Wischmeyer, Quiltmaker

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