Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bill's birthday

The package of cookies came last Wednesday, and I picked them up at the post office in Buckeye on Thursday.  Yum, we are still eating them  and loving every bite.  Bill's favorite is always chocolate chip, but I really love the lemon ones.  I get all of those, as he doesn't like lemon.  Too bad, haha.  THanks so much on his behalf.  His own mother sends a card but doesn't even write anything, and she is the only family member he ever hears from. 
I am sure your surgery will go well and happy that you will feel so much better.  I know how much harder it is to try and take care of everything through pain, and so discouraging when you think there will be no end to it.  I am so happy that the doctor can help you that way.  Is Dad any good at all for doing anything? 
I am riding in a van every Monday without panic attacks, and even rode to Tempe in the front passenger seat once last week, so eventually I will be able to come visit.  Next summer for sure.
My auctioneer from Calhan will be my regular one, at his request.  He said after my second time last Tuesday that "You'll be the best there ever was in another week!", so I am doing very well.  Its not hard, just important to do it right the first time every time, and do it quickly, and never stop until there are no more cars.  We run around 150 through our lane each Tuesday, and will continue to grow.  THis auction has only been open since January, so there are no historical numbers yet.
Bill got fired on THursday, after 9.5 years at the Greater Auto Auction.  It was a put-up job, as there have been severe management changes since the general manager died, and the manager over Bill's department is getting rid of everybody that ever has an original thought, and you know that Bill doesn't hide his feelings well.  Anyway, they said that he refused to let a fat guy ride in his van and actually said that the guy was too fat. This is bullshit, as Bill is not stupid.  He says that the fat guy(who he didn't know) approached him to go on a run, but Bill already had a full van for the run, and he told the guy that he should wait for a big van (Bill drives a small one).  Nobody else was close enough to hear anything, but the fat guy went to the manager and wrote it up.  Bill was asked to write it up, then they fired him, as it was his word against the other guy, and the management chose to believe the fat guy.
I am still in total shock and worry, but I shouldn't be.  Bill is really quite relieved, as he hasn't been happy there since the management changes and was only staying for the health insurance for me.  If he had quit, we would now be uninsured, but since he was fired, we can COBRA the health insurance for a minimum of 18 months.  That will give us time to decide what to do, and now he can get his social security starting in January.  He has already made too much this year to get it right away, and if he continued to make what he was making at Greater, he wouldn't have been able to get any SS checks before April.    SO he is happy and relaxed and ready to stay home and chop wood for a while. 
I AM NOT looking forward to having him home all the time.  He won't ever leave me alone long enough for me to really get any creative work done, and bitches about anything that comes in the mail, or me being on the computer, or me quilting all the time, etc, etc. 
I have an appointment for the Avantek wireless guy to install high-speed internet on Wednesday, and I am still going to do it., in spite of Bill's opposition.  He won't be able to bitch about the line being busy because I'm on the computer anymore, and I will be so glad to get rid of the dial-up.  More and more web pages are so resource-heavy I can't even open them at present, no matter how long I wait.
Better close and go.  He went to help a friend paint a house, and will be upset if he calls and I'm on the line..  And he refuses to call my cell phone.  THe reason I got it in the first place was so he could still get hold of me when I was on the computer, but NOOOOOO!

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