Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Up to date with chickens

Very first egg from my 19 week old Fayoumis today. Its so teeny and its is a tinted white. Since the Rocks have been laying, their eggs have been getting bigger and bigger and are now bigger than the Ameraucana eggs. I'm down to 2 Ameraucanas after losing another one last week. DH thinks she was stung by a bee, but I think she might have eaten a piece of string or something that got stuck. ANyway, she died. I feel so guilty when that happens.
SInce we put the 3 young Fayoumi roos in the freezer, I have started separating out the young roosters in the chickie coop and putting them where the Fayoumis were. There are 3 Black Langshans that will be butchered first, whether they are roos or not, since they are the absolute worst feather pickers ever. I will never get any more of them, cute as they are with their feathered feet. There are 3 white roos, of which one is obviously not the same breed. THe other 2 are large and handsome. I have put the 2 Speckled Sussex males in there, and there might be another one with the hens. Can't tell yet. And then there are the 2 Buffs, which are more than likely Orpingtons, since they are large but very slow to feather, and very non-aggressive. In fact, one has named himself Crybaby, as he runs in circles and cheeps for a Loooong time every night before joining everybody else on the perch. Who knows why?
In the hen chick coop, there are 3 Dark Cornish, of which one I think is a cockerel. There are 3 tall and slender blacks which I think might be Minorcas, and 2 are probably males. There are 4 Speckled Sussex and 3 Light Brahmas and 2 handsome whites, breed yet to be IDed. I think that's it. Ideal Hatchery sent a very nice assortment.
Oh, and I forgot that there are 2 either Rocks or Dominiques, one in the the roos and one with the pullets. The roo is large and handsome; the pullet is dark and quiet.

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