Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Robin is very ill

I had to take Robin to the vet again yesterday, as she has been in so much pain she actually cries, and she is too weak to really get around.
The vet thinks the Valley Fever may have already gotten into her spine, as she is very sore from neck all the way back to hips, and she is showing many neurological signs as well. She staggers and wobbles when she walks, she cant put her head down, and she doesnt seem to have a lot of feeling in her feet. They also just slide out from under her when she tries to sit or lie down. It is pitiful.
ANyway, the vet gave me a referral to a veterinary neurologist and said she needs a CT-scan to really figure whether it is Valley Fever or some other spinal problem.
I dont see what difference it makes WHAT is causing it if the treatment is the same.
Rest, pain drugs, valley fever meds, prednisone.
See how it goes.

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