Sunday, August 01, 2010

So what approach to take?

My Dh, who has always been somewhat difficult, is truly becoming impossible to live with since his medical problem jus a week ago. He seems to feel that he has lost control of his life and is trying to remedy that by attempting to control every little thing that goes on around him.
That translates to trying to control me, everything I do or say, even super control of the already very obedient dogs.
For instance, when I got home last night, I gathered up my stuff and went to the back of the car to get the cat food and stuff I had bought. The neighbor was there, and Dh was there, so I figured they could carry the stuff down the hill. Dh slammed the car hatch and very harshly said he would get the stuff later. Of course, in the course of the evening he went up the hill several times and never did get the stuff, so I eventually had to go get it myself in the dark.. That of course made him even madder. At me of course, not at himself for acting like an ass in the first place.
Then when I was trying to get ready for bed, since I had to get up at 4 AM, I asked him if I could turn off the light in the hall and in his bathroom so I could go to sleep. Big mistake; he had to yell about how I wasnt going to control everything that goes on. He slammed around for at least another hour and kept all the lights on whether he was in the bathroom and hall or not, just to spite me I guess.
I had already taken my sleeping pill, so did eventually go to sleep. But it was only able to give me 2 solid hours before the leftover adrenalin fought its way back to the top and woke me up for the rest of the night. And I am now having to work a 12 hour shift on 2 hours sleep.
And then fight again when I get home I'm sure. Exhausts me even more just thinking about it. I dont know what to do.

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