Saturday, July 24, 2010

Its a Start!

My Armenian cucumbers are growing on the left. You cant see here but they are flowering merrily away. No baby cukes yet, though. I think it is too hot to
set fruit yet. My chinese pole beans, 2 of them, are trying to grow on the right but not tall enough to tie to the trellis yet by any means.
The trellis is the wrought iron from an old security door we had found here on the property and should work very well. When I take out the logs and fill up the other side of the tank with dirt, I will just leave the trellis in place and the dirt on both sides will hold it up. Good plan.
Yesterday I transplanted some sweet basil seedlings to the center front and ensalada tomato seedling in the center middle. I have cut off clear plastic bottle/jars over them to keep the humidity up around them and protect them from the worst of the excess sun. They are doing well so far, and since I gave up on the other peat pots ever sprouting anything, I noticed this morning that seeds have sprouted in both the patio pot tomatos and the early girl. So those will be moved up to the stock tank garden in a few days.
I also ordered several different kinds of heirloom tomato seeds from Seed to plant, so I should have lots of tomato plants by the time it cools enough for them to set fruit. Cant wait. Iwant to can and can tomatoes in jars so that I never have to use canned tomatoes with the Bisphenol-A lining again.
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